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Looking for a professional photographer who can capture any situation? You love candid, vibrant and fun photos? You're in the right place! MyPhotographer is able to deliver quality shoots  in a variety of photographic styles, and is available for regular bookings.  

Get in touch today to learn more.

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I am Ivaylo

I have been working as a freelance photographer since 2010. I am specializing in wedding and portrait photography based in Dublin, but  love to work nationwide. I am a main photographer at . My focus is on authentic storytelling in my work, and this shines through in my photos which capture the excitement and emotion of your day.  Photography has been my passion for as a long time and it didn’t start with a romantic story at all. My grandpa didn’t give me an old film camera. My dad didn’t have a dark room in the basement. I actually got my first camera when I was in my 30’s with my own money and it was one of those old  small digital cameras with a tiny screen in the back.My approach to wedding photography is a little different.  Keeping it simple and relaxed, I seek out the real, raw and emotional moments within the wedding day.  I look to create intimate, honest images of my couples and strive to document this in a way that is as unique as their own love story.  Whether I’m at a big wedding, an intimate elopement, a beautiful engagement, or a casual couple session – if there’s love involved I’d love to be there.

'Every day, I strive to be better, conquer new challenges  and gain more understanding and appreciation for this

subjects. For me photography is more than profession. It's a passion, which i  why I look at the entire world around me,and think about how to capture the beauty I see in a photograph'

More about me

  • proud father of three lovely children 

  • freelance photographer with over 10 years of experience 

  • detailed,  organized, warm and happy

  • the quality  and style you see here is the quality you get

  • free spirit

  • proud owner of a dog named Tobi

  • associate second photographers - super nice, fun and solid second shooters


  • organization + moments + love + laughter + friendships  = a successful wedding shoot

  • photo-journalist + portrait photographer + family photographer + beauty capturer + organizer of large groups of people = wedding photographer

  • Kildare, Dublin, Nationwide  available for travel


Q.  What makes you different?

A. I focus on authentic storytelling in my work, and this shines through in my photos which capture the excitement and emotion of your day. I want unique wedding photos for my clients.  I'll do whatever I have to do to get them. Providing All Day Coverage has given my clients piece of mind that I will be there to tell the story of the entire day. 

Q. Do you do more traditional, posed wedding photography or more reportage style?

A. The key to great wedding photography is capturing  raw emotion and telling the story.  Candid, creative and reportage storytelling is my style. At the same time, Grandma may want a simple posed portrait of herself, her daughter and the bride or groom standing together in a nice setting.  There is nothing wrong with that either.  Families are important to me and capturing their candid reactions throughout the day is a wonderful thing to look back on years down the line. I listen to my clients and craft my vision with theirs.


Q. How does a client go about booking you for their wedding or engagement?

A. The first step is to fill out the form on the contact page of MyPhotographer or call 087 13 43 509.  I can then send you a direct email to answer questions or give you a call if you leave a number.  Clients may pay a retainer via credit card, cash or check.  I usually meet with the couple so we can get to know each other a bit. I like answering questions. After booking, we meet again before the wedding to go over the timeline of the day.  It really becomes a partnership.  

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